4th Battalion celebrate their one year milestone

The 17th of May was an important milestone for the 4th Battalion. It marked the one year anniversary since the Battalion left Newcastle on tyne in Northern England for the battle ravaged fields of France.

Of the officers who were on the strength of the battalion and come out with it the following remain: Capt Charlton, Capt Fawcett, Capt Rowlandson, Capt Howitt, Lt Thornton, Capt Slead and Lt Constantine…  The battalion has suffered the following casualties

Officers: 14 killed or died of wounds. Wounded 26. Gassed 3. Shell shock 1. Injured whilst at duty 1. Officers evacuated to England sick or other causes 6. Reinforcements received from England or other units 41. Transferred or attached to other units in … 6

Men: killed or died of wounds 163. Missing 6. Prisoners of war 4. Wounded or gassed 478.

  • 4th Battalion War Diary, WW1

To celebrate the day, one of the battalion dogs called Wick gave birth to 2 puppies at 1 am that morning.



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