John Ernest Appleton

26/08/1915 8th Battalion move to France

14/09/1915 8th Battalion on the front line

10/10/1915 8th Battalion move to Rue Marle

06/12/1915 8th Battalion: More training

9/02/1916 8th Battalion move south after a quiet beginning to 1916

28/02/1916 8th Battalion move south… eventually!

3/03/1916 8th Battalion relieve the French on the Western Front

20/03/1916 8th Battalion’s Winter on the Western Front

4/04/1916 8th Battalion trains at Laires and Bomy before returning to the Western Front

11/05/1916 8th Battalion: Houdain to Bully Grenay

21/05/1916 8th Battalion under enemy fire and a relative is hit by a bomb!

22/05/1916 8th Battalion struggle on

01/07/1916 And so begins the battle of the Somme…

05/07/1916 8th Battalion move into position

11/07/1916 The capture of Contalmaison and the first death