Robert Appleton

10/09/1914 Robert Appleton joins the war

16/06/1915 Lance Corporal Appleton goes AWOL

30/07/1915 13th Battalion arrives in France

16/08/1915 13th Battalion’s first casualties

30/08/1915 13th Battalion on the march… with bicycles

15/09/1915 13th Battalion moving under shellfire

27/09/1915 13th Battalion closer to the action

09/10/1915 13th Battalion find a German trench

27/10/1915 13th Battalion learn more about bombs

20/11/1915 13th Battalion experience their first winter away from home

23/11/1915 13th Battalion find another German outpost

16/12/1915 13th Battalion suffer in the frosty winter

17/12/1915 13th Battalion shelled by the Germans

26/12/1915 13th Battalion wish you a Merry Christmas

13/01/1916 13th Battalion back in business

31/01/1916 13th Battalion drills

27/02/1916 13th Battalion

21/03/1916 13th Battalion receive distinguished visitors

30/04/1916 13th Battalion hone their skills

24/05/1916 13th Battalion at Bienvillers

31/05/1916 13th Battalion work party comes under fire

06/06/1916 A raid by the 10th Royal Fusiliers

01/07/1916 And so begins the Battle of the Somme…

13/07/1916 Another Appleton killed in action


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