Just like the Appletons, John Thomas Bell and Margaret, also from Middlesbrough, had a large family of eight as well. Their children included Lancelot David, Ann Elizabeth, James Wilkie, John Thomas, William Richard, Henrietta, Elizabeth and David.

At 32 years of age Lancelot was the eldest of the brood. He had married Lily Winward and their children were 3 year old Lancelot and 2 year old Lily.

30 year old Ann had married Frank Day and their young children were Annie and Albert, both under the age of 7.

James was 27. He had married Ada Warriner and their daughter Janet was also 3.

John had turned 25 and together with his wife Olive Wildon had a 2 year old daughter called Evelyn.

The last of John and Margaret’s married children was 23 year old William. He had married Jessie Wood and their son Ronald was the youngest of the grand-kids at 1 year old.

Henrietta, Elizabeth and David were still working and living with their parents at 21, 16, and 14 years of age.


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