How to use this Website

With all that happened in the Great War, the chronology of events can be very confusing. Add to this the movements and events in the lives of the four families I am writing about and trying to follow the stories can get even more complicated. In trying to make this site easier to navigate, as well as making my ancestors’ stories more enjoyable, I have ordered them in two ways.



All posts are shown on the Home Page as a continuous feed. If you would prefer to read posts via geographical/theatres of war, then use the Category link on the right of the screen.

The headings are: 1. Prelude to War, African Campaign, Asia and Pacific Theatres of War, British Homefront, Italian Campaigns, Middle East Theatre of War, Naval Warfare, Serbian and Balkan Campaigns, The Eastern Front and The Western Front.

Click on each title to be taken to a chronological list of battles and other events related to that particular category.

Untitled 6

Also, when reading any post, you will notice some words are highlighted in blue. This hyperlink will connect to another post which will explain the highlighted word, or will go to another related event.



If you are mainly interested in the lives of particular families or individuals, then this is the best way.

At the top of the screen there are four family names: Appleton, Bell, Hewson, Wildon.

Each family page works in exactly the same way.

Untitled 2As an example, highlight the name Appleton. This will bring down a drop box of the names of those who served in World War One. You can either click on a name and go straight to a list of events in their story so far; otherwise click on the family name to read about my ancestors before the war.

Untitled 5 As you will see on this Family page (Right), there may be a number of individuals who have their names hyperlinked in blue. These are individuals who have gone to war. Click on their name (eg William Appleton) to see a list of all the entries in chronological order of their service in the First World War (As Below).

Untitled 4If no names appear when the family page is highlighted, or no individual names are hyperlinked on the Family page itself, no one from that family has entered the war… yet!

Keep following the website to hear when an individual joins the war.


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