Mark Wildon

2/10/1915 Mark Wildon joins the War

20/10/1915 4th Battalion training at the asylum

27/10/1915 A visit from the King

12/11/1915 A miserable start to November causes sickness throughout the 4th Battalion

17/11/1915 A month away from the fighting for the 4th Battalion

15/12/1915 The 4th Battalion get sporty

20/12/1915 4th Battalion and A/46th encounter gas near Ypres

30/01/1916 Quiet winter days for the 4th Battalion

12/02/1916 4th Battalion under attack near hill 60

1/03/1916 The Lena Ashwell Concert party entertains the boys at the front

26/05/1916 4th Battalion celebrate their one year milestone

08/06/1916 4th Battalion

01/07/1916 And so begins the Battle of the Somme…


27/05/1918 Third Battle of the Aisne (in which Mark Wildon finds himself a prisoner of war)